Editorial issue 291

The 5 papers selected for this 291st issue of NDT-E again cover a broad range of topics.
Let me start with 2 papers recently accepted in the JCI. SV Fedeles et al. report that "Sec63 and Xbp1 regulate IRE1α activity and polycystic disease severity". And L. Wang L et al. publish that "Gq signaling causes glomerular injury by activating TRPC6". These papers provide interesting insights into the  pathways active in ADPKD and some glomerular diseases respectively.
The third paper by L. Shavit L et al., recently accepted in Kidney Int.,  reviews "What is nephrocalcinosis?".
In the fourth one, from NDT, T. Cornelis T et al. studied "Protein-bound uraemic toxins, dicarbonyl stress and advanced glycation end products in conventional and extended haemodialysis and haemodiafiltration". Finally, PR Gajjala et al., again in NDT review the "Emerging role of post-translational modifications in chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease".

CME lectures   
The CME lectures presented at ERA-EDTA in Amsterdam last year and made available with this issue of NDT-E mostly deal with diabetes and its kidney consequences. Pr Esteban Porrini (Tenerife, Spain) first deals with "New aspects of diabetic nephropathy: the non-proteinuric pathway of GFR decline". Then Dr Aiko De Vries (Leiden, Netherlands) discusses "Fatty Kidney: Emerging Role of Ectopic Lipid in Obesity-Related Renal Disease". And Dr Manuela Abbate (Milan, Italy) discusses "Calorie restriction, weight reduction and changes in GFR in obesity and diabetes".

Enjoy NDT-Edu!

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational