Editorial issue 304

The papers selected for this issue of NDT-E (304) were very recently released by either NDT or CKJ, the official journals of ERA-EDTA.
In the first one, P. Ferrari publish in NDT a review "Nurturing the benefits of pre-emptive kidney transplantation". In the second one, D. Abramowicz D et al in NDT too review a closely related topic: "Does pre-emptive transplantation versus post start of dialysis transplantation with a kidney from a living donor improve outcomes after transplantation? A systematic literature review and position statement by the Descartes Working Group and ERBP".
In the third one, LF Quintana  and D. Jayne D again in NDT review the topic of "Sustained remission in lupus nephritis: still a hard road ahead."
The last 2 papers are from CKJ. D Russo et al. Russo D et al discuss the “Multimodal treatment of calcific uraemic arteriolopathy (calciphylaxis) : a case series.”. Finally, G Abraham G et al report on “ Chronic kidney disease hotspots in developing countries in South Asia.”

CME lectures   
The topics of the 4 lectures (all presented at ERA-EDTA in London) of this issue are related to aspects of convective treatment by HDF.  Dr Carlo Basile (Taranto, Italy). Discusses "Why do we need convective clearance and different treatment options". Next, Dr Elizabeth Lindley (Leeds, UK) reviews "Maintaining water quality for HDF – how much testing is required?". Next, Dr Muriel P. Grooteman (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) provides an overview on "High volume haemodiafiltration in clinical practice". Finally, Pr Peter J. Blankestijn (Utrecht, The Netherlands) discusses "Clinical outcomes with HDF".

Enjoy NDT-Edu!

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational