Editorial issue 258

The papers selected for this 258th issue of NDT-Edu again cover a broad range of topics. In the first one, T. Schaldecker et al. show in an experimental model that inhibition of the TRPC5 ion channel protects the kidney filter. This points to another potential route towards better nephroprotection, to be confirmed in other experimental studies, and perhaps eventually in humans. In the second paper, G. Colussi et al. show in NDT that inactivating mutations of vitamin D 24-hydroxylase , also known as CYP24A1, leads to chronic hypercalcemia and discuss the implications of these findings for mineral metabolism changes in chronic renal failure. Thirdly, J. Coussement and D. Abramowicz discuss in a recent NDT paper too, whether or not to treat asymptomatic bacteriuria after renal transplantation. In the fourth one, I. Loniewski and D. Wesson review in Kidney International the role of bicarbonate therapy for prevention of chronic kidney disease progression. Finally, the last paper, again in KI, byTakako Saeki and Mitsuhiro Kawano deals with IgG4-related kidney disease.


The 4 CME presentations from the recent Istanbul ERA-EDTA congress start with the one by Andrew Davenport (London, UK). He discusses: “does the choice of modality of RRT matter for the patient with AKI?”. In the second talk, Jan Kielstein (Hanover, Germany) covers “the impact of different dialysis modalities on pharmacokinetics of drugs”.

In the third one, Norbert Lameire (Ghent, Belgium) deals with “what trial do we need in conservative treatment of AKI? “  Finally, in the last presentation, Claudio Ronco

Vicenza, Italy), covers “when to start, when to stop RRT in AKI”.


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Prof. Michel Jadoul

Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational